Aisle Athletes Sticker 5 Stars - Album Set - Album Collection

Aisle Athletes Sticker 5 Stars - Album Set - Album Collection

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*Note* If I take a long time to respond to your message, it's probably because it's not working hours. FYI, I'm in Jakarta with time...

*Note* If I take a long time to respond to your message, it's probably because it's not working hours. FYI, I'm in Jakarta with time GMT+7. I'll response your massage as soon as possible. We'll start our operational store at 9am to 22pm (Jakarta Time) and we'll process the order based on order queue.


Aisle Athletes Monopoly Go Sticker 5 Stars - Album Set - Album Collection

For immediate dispatch, kindly fill out the customization forms and include your invitation link in the purchase notes. You can expect a delivery confirmation around sameday or by two days longer; feel free to check your account accordingly.

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The Stickers Catalogue:

Paddle Pals 
Don't Look Down
Party Time!
Well Taut
Arrow Dynamic
Double Bullseye
Walking on Water 
Park Place
Mind the Gap
Barrowing Forward
Duck And Cover
Mine? Mine?
Crack of the Bat
Let it Slide
Prime Victory
Aisle Athletes 
Bursting Buggy

*Stock is always ready, but the fulfillment process depends on my account limit, while the account only sends stickers a maximum of 5 times, but I try to send them on the same day

Ask: Why did it take so long to receive my sticker?
Answer: Please ensure all required information, including the sticker name and game invitation link, is provided. Providing your in-game name would also expedite the process.

Ask: Are all stickers available?
Answer: Yes, they are. You can simply browse our catalog to find the sticker you desire.

Ask: Why is the sticker I want not available?
Answer: Make sure it's not a golden card, as they cannot be traded except during Golden Blitz events.

Ask: Do you offer golden cards during Golden Blitz?
Answer: Certainly. Keep an eye on our shop for updates and availability.

You'll get an instruction file for entering your game name, your invite link, and the sticker you need in the form. Please follow the instructions to speed up the sticker sending process.

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