Hot Rod Partners: Coming March 8th

Rev up your excitement! The rumors have been swirling, and we're thrilled to confirm that the next partner event, dubbed Hot Rod Partners, is set to hit the tracks on March 8th, 2024!

But before we proceed, a gentle reminder: details of future events are always tentative and may be subject to adjustments right up until launch day.

If you're new here, a Partner Event is a collaborative live event designed for players (who have reached Board 5) to team up with friends to construct attractions on their board and win various prizes. Participants work together to fill a shared progress bar by spinning a wheel with Event tokens—like macarons for a Baking Event—earned through gameplay and event participation.

Like its predecessor, this event will challenge participants to rack up 80,000 points for each partner slot.

Each tier rewards various prizes, totaling 80,000 per partner slot.

But that's not all—this time around, Monopoly GO! is introducing the Diamond Dragster token as the ultimate reward for completing all 4 slots.

Alongside this gleaming new token, winners will also score 5,000 dice and a Wild Sticker, adding even more thrill to the race.

Get ready to team up and burn rubber towards these electrifying prizes!

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